3rd Sunday Share Learn Connect - 10 Min. Rope Top


The 10 Minute Rope Top
How to do rope, even if you don’t have a clue

Some people are cut out to be Shibari Riggers. If you aren’t and don’t know a bight from a bend –
This Class is for you! During this class, we will share the only 3 knots you really need to know in order to effectively tie someone up without harm. We will be practicing applications and giving basic demos in class. We will briefly touch on how to use quick “come-along knots” and when to use em. We will also talk about rope usage and selection along with where to get it. There will be a very brief discussion on the importance of placement, safety and sensual removal. If you have a couple 15 – 30 ft pieces of rope? Bring em along!

So, who's our guest educator? Well, we have someone joining us from the kinky realm to share with us this time around. This month our guest educator is:

Barak, a Founder of Adventures in Sexuality and one of the Executive Directors of The Space for Alternative Self-Expression.
He has been presenting and formally teaching within the vanilla arena as a medical professional, safety officer and rights activist for over 18 years. He is currently exploring his blend of spirituality within his SM and is always planning, plotting and pontificating his future goals.

This month we will have some finger sandwiches to share. We ask that you purchase beverages from our very generous hosts. Awol Bar and generously tip the bartender. We encourage others to particpate in bringing a snack to share, but it isn't required.

If you have rope, bring it. A small assortment of rope pieces will be available for sharing.

We will be in the Barracks and if you want to participate in the NLA-C business meeting that meeting will occur from 1pm - 2pm.


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