New Play Reading [The Tragedy of John Wilkes Booth]


Reading of a new play by Mackenzie Worrall.



What is it to be a Famous? What is it to be Infamous?

The four Booth siblings are children to the most famous American actor of all time. After his funeral, they learn that his one wish is for one of them to top his fame. Johnnie is determined to be the one who makes that wish come true. Ed, his older brother, already has a few years of experience and a good helping of talent ahead of Johnnie. Their younger siblings, JJ and Asia, are hesitant to help after seeing what celebrity did to their father. To top it all off, Ed's brought a mysterious new friend to their father's funeral...


This is a reading of a play somewhere between the 2nd and 6th drafts (it depends how you count it). So feedback is highly encouraged. A discussion will be held afterward for any who want to share their reactions.

All I ask is two things:
1. Buy a cup of caffeine or booze from our kind hosts.
2. If you know me well, try to bring a guest who doesn't. I'd love to hear the thoughts of people who have no idea who I am.


Featuring the talents of Jason Smith, Amy Hall, Charles Lasky, Tom Shafer, Emily Bartelt, and Katie Doyle. With Stage Directions read by Nancy Miller.

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